Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How do you see yourself in five years ?

This is one of those questions that tend to be in a job interview , I've done it several times , it may be several factors , focusing ability of the person , strategic thinking, honesty , ability to abstract , etc. . However, it is a completely valid question necessary for each one of us making it and can reflect .

It happens in a coaching process and answer me out of box , I found really extraordinary , I was pleased to read a response that the order clearly states the importance and hierarchy that gives the most important things life :

" How do you see your career in the medium and long term? , How you see yourself in three years? What are you most concerned and worried ?

I have not the faintest idea. Man I'm projecting myself into the future , to draw big plans , then comes alive with the sales. In that name , legitimate and ambitious zeal , be myself , the factor that worries me most is the use of my time.

Although I am still young , am increasingly aware that time is the quintessential resource , do not return the lost days , and at the end of the journey will be missed. I do not want to pass me . Before training, I am person , father, husband , citizen ... and all the dimensions of my personality are sacrificed if working in a more rigorous and efficient.

If you have to stay a day until twelve o'clock , if a week there to let the skin to take a project on time, pitch in , it is an extra effort and forth. What I can not stand is that they confuse many hours in the company , some idle , others dedicated to rally and they will say , with quality, loyalty and commitment. This reductionist Manichean manner measure supposedly mature and independent professionals disgusts me .

Returning to the question , I do not care where I will be in a few years , until I enjoy not having the foggiest idea. Yes I head spins , however , think that will be my children. As will , to be dedicated , who share their lives, if the flight will lift themselves , are questions that often swarm in my mind .

In my life the words success and failure have more to do with the fate of my wife and my children , their welfare and future happiness with my accomplishments and professional achievements . I do not know who said that if someone hurts you is because you will authorize , you have given him that power. Well, the chances that the vicissitudes of my career I could destabilize are remote.

I speak not of indolence and impassivity , attracts me at work to find sources of personal development , as well as the desired economic independence. So , and yet not feel frustrated if certain positions are not given . If they try to respond to the trust placed in me , and if not , it's no tragedy, not going to collapse my personal world. With my family is very different.

There are pinned my hopes , my dreams, my emotions and inner feelings My happiness goes through them, neither more nor less . I know that this position , taken to its extreme , I can garner degrees of helplessness and distress. I tell myself every day that is your life , not mine, that freedom is a sacred word but I can not help but laugh and breathe deeply when they are well , and suffer and shrink the heart when life , this is a very aggressive and cruel society , hit them and tests . "